2016 Budget: Angry NASS Blasts Both Precidency And Amaechi

       The controversy over 2016 budget took another dimension on Monday with claims and counter-claims from both the legislative and presidency.
While Honourable Yakubu Dogara (the speaker of the House of the Representatives, insisted the Lagos-Calabar rail project proposal was never included in the budget read to the hearing of the National Assembly by Nigeria president, Senator Sabi Abdullahi, the senate spokesman accused the executive arm of the government of deliberate blackmail. The senate spokesman called on minister of transportation, Amaechi to resign or show the proof of the proposal, he also called on the presidency to come clean on the budget controversy.
The senate spokesman also asked the executive arm of the government to stop engaging themselves in surreptitious calumny campaign against the legislators in order to cover its unending errors.
       However, senator Gbenga Ashafa, the chairman of the senate committee on land transport said, the Lagos-Calabar rail proposal was submitted to his committee during the budget defense session, but they later discovered a floating N54billion. The senator said, the proposal was not included in the budget read on 22 December, 2016 by the president to the National Assembly.
      With APC boasting the majority in both Senate and the House of the Representatives, one wonders why there are so much controversy going on. The party seems to be disjointed more than ever and they need to sort things out in a professional way. This may not be the end to the controversy.

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