Hilarious: Japanese Pe**s Festival

                What new thing are you expecting to happen? If there is one, it is the Japanese pe**s festival also known as Kanamara Matsuri.
In a country that is normally obsessed with much decorum, such festival should be regarded as odd. The Pe**s festival is celebrated annually and it is celebrated under the guise of one religious ceremony at a shrine called Shinto shrine. The city where manhood is celebrated is Kawasaki; it’s about a half hour journey from South of Tokyo.
               The people from the part of the country have been celebrating this festival for long. The shrine was a place where prostitute used to pray for protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Later, many people started going to the place to pray for fertility, healthy baby and long marriage. Let’s just move on, don’t think too much about the story, but this is what some people are worshiping.

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