Biblical beer recreated in Israel

A brewery in Jerusalem has produced a craft beer that has a taste similar to the wines being used during the time of Jesus.
A sip of the produced concoction may explain reason wine was preferred a sacred drink in the Bible.

Herzl, the smallest brewery in Israel produced the bear that tastes as the wine used during the time of Jesus with the wheat that Tel Aviv University geneticists claimed to be the strain used for beer in the holy land about two millennia ago. They produced 20 liters of the beer.

There is a hint of berries and honey in the cloudy-and flat-nectar with 3% alcohol content. The beer was made from 5kilos of grain donated by Tel Aviv University along with other traditional ingredients like yeast, water and hops.

Itai Gutman (Herzl’s owner) and friends have downed most of the beer produced from the six months experiment, but there is still remain a bottle and the brewery has no intention of producing more.

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