Queen Elizabeth At 90th Birthday 

          One would have thought the Queen Elizabeth II would have sit back, put her feet up in her castle with a corgi and a cuppa at the age of 90, but not this nonagenarian sovereign.
The arrival of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on May 18, 2011 for State Banquet in Dublin Castle marked the queen’s historical visit; the first British monarch since 1911.

The queen has a lot of reasons to celebrate at 90. Not only has the longest-reigning
monarch in Britain but also have beaten the UK average life expectancy. At 21 years of age that she has promised service to her country, she has never retracted.

The queen will be joined later in the day by members of her family, including the grandson Prince William and wife, and Duchess Kate of Cambridge for the private celebration at Windsor Castle.
She will host President Barrack Obama on Friday for a private lunch at Windsor. The queen turning 90 is a big deal because it marks another record for the monarch. There have been no other 40 previous British or English monarchs that have reached the age of 90. Happy birthday Queen Elizabeth II !!!

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