Istanbul Bombers CCTV Image Released

The Istanbul attack has been blamed on the Islamic State Militants by the director of the CIA.
The CCTV images of two of the men believed to have carried out the Tuesday bombings at Atatürk Istanbul airport have emerged. The attack claimed the life of 42 people.
One of the attackers detonated his explosives downstairs at the arrival terminal, while the other went upstairs and blew himself up in the departure hall. The third attacker waited outside for the fleeing crowd before setting off the final bomb, said the Turkish official.
The CIA director said the attack has all the IS (Islamic State) hallmark. The office of Istanbul governor said, more than 230 people got injured and dozens are still in a critical condition.
The Prime Minister of Turkey, Binali Yildirm said the bombers were initially thwarted by the airport security.
Yildirm said, “when the terrorists could not pass the scanners, security control and police, they return and took weapons out of their suitcases behind them, down a corridor, looking fearfully over their shoulders”.
Other footage posted on social media showed the terrified passengers running for cover as the ball of fire followed one of the blasts.
Another footage showed one of the attackers blowing himself up seconds after being shot by a security officer.
13 people have been arrested in connection with the bombing. Three of the suspects are not Turkish nationals.
As at now, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

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