Buhari Under Massive Fire Over Nigeria’s Economic Recession

 buhari and economy
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on Wednesday, August 31 that the Nigerian economy has finally fallen into recession. The British news agency reported that latest statistics showed that the economy shrunk again around the middle of the year. “Nigeria has slipped into recession, with the latest growth figures showing the economy contracted by 2.06% between April and June. “The country has now seen two consecutive quarters of declining growth, the usual definition of recession,” BBC reported.

But the news has rubbed Nigerians the wrong way. Many of those who commented on the official page of the British news agency lashed out President Muhammadu Buhari for allowing such a terrible fate to befall the country in just 15 months. Some accused Buhari of being too old and out-dated in his methods of running the economy while others believe that his seeming lack of ideas put Nigeria in this situation. “Nigeria was first in recession when this Chronic-Illiterate was head of state (1983-1985)…; and now… just ONE YEAR into a 4year tenure, Nigeria is BACK in recession… What a ‘change’ #BuhariResign!” a user, Patrick Osikemhekhai Azelakeh said. Eddy Obinwa said, “What did u think b/4 when we ave a president @Mbuhari @Nigpresident who doesn’t even know what modern age is all about apart from sending his kids to schools abroad while promising his fellow Abokis some f**king change which they cant even spell within 3seconds…. hhahahahahaahahah (CHANGE)”
“Those re what happens when govt took the money it should used to built country economy to fought its political enemies and oppositions ,also drove away its foreign investors with its awkward policies , I’m not surprised ,i saw it coming , i said it but some people claimed tht i was speaking out of hate , but today all re in the same sinking ship ,with confused leaders,” Eloo Mistai Cocel Agbasi wrote. “When a wicked man rule the people suffer. That’s what Nigeria is experiencing today. The man only wanted to have the power. Now it has been given to him but the rest is history. Hopefully Nigerians will gain their senses back soon or else the future generations will not forgive us,” Adeiza Momoh said.
“You can’t vote an illiterate into power and expects him to perform magic,” Arthur Okafor said. Others lamented the exit of ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan under whom the economy grew in size and was rated Africa’s largest. “I’m weeping for those who voted against GEJ,” lamented Jacob Amid-yere Adombire. “The name buhari means retrogression this man is a sadist the is what you imperialist brought upon the country Nigeria was a thriving nation in the last 10yrs before the puppet of the west,” Joe Nest said. “The difference between Jonathan and Buhari is that Jonathan is Goodluck while Buhari is badluck to our economy,” Onwe Uchechukwu Emmanuel wrote. “…We have two economies in Nigeria. One for d poor and d other for d elites and those in government. It is d one for d poor dat is in recession,” Andy D’great Emmanuel said. “Useless propaganda party and Old school tyrant are just the worst thing that happened to us in 2015,” Solugo Solugo said. “Worst recession in decades. Worse still is that the government is clueless on how to redeem the situation,” Charles-Owaba Daniel noted.
You will recall that the senior special assistant to the vice president on media and publicity, Laolu Akande recently refuted media reports that President Muhammadu Buhari sought emergency powers to tackle the economic recession. In a statement distributed to media houses last night, Akande said the economic management team which Vice President Yemi Osinbajo heads, was still considering several measures to urgently reform the economy. This he noted has not yet been communicated to the president. According to him, those measures had also not been passed to the Federal Executive Council and the National Assembly.

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