Kylie Jenner SnapChat Tweet costs Snap $1.3B

Kylie Jenner SnapChat Tweet costs Snap $1.3B

Kylie Jenner on February 21, 2018, was bitching about Snapchat and whether it was a coincidence or something else, no one understands. Jenner’s bitching about Snapchat might have inflicted some pain…. you guess right – in Snapchat’s pockets.

This reality star tweeted, saying she does not use social media app as much as she did before or use it at all. And in just less than 24 hours after her tweet, Snapchat’s share dropped by as much as 7.2 percent, which when calculated equals a whopping $1.3 billion loss. Was that a coincidence?

Jenner’s tweet, “Sooo does anyone else not open Snapchat anymore? Or is it just me…. ugh this is so sad. – @kylieJenner (Kylie Jenner) February 21, 2018.

We can’t say for sure that her tweet caused Snapchat’s loss…. but She does have a significant influence on a combined 128.5M followers on Instagram and Twitter. But analysts pointed to Snapchat recent app redesign for SC’s decline in active users, who don’t like the new design and forced SC to rethink things.

Oh, Kylie! She tweeted 11 minutes later to profess her love for Snapchat, but for what is the tweet’s worth? It was too little too late!

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